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SCO UnixWare 7/OpenUNIX 8/OpenServer 6 FAQ (Frequenty Asked Questions)

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(Category) User Related Information
(Category) Media/Device Information, Filesystems, and Disks
(Category) Networking
(Category) System Administration
(Category) Security
(Category) Third Party Software and How to Compile Open Source Software
(Category) Useful Shell Commands
(Category) Migrating from OpenServer 5 to UnixWare 7/OpenServer 6.

Answers in this category:
(Answer) What about programing in UnixWare7/OpenUNIX 8/OpenServer 6?
(Answer) Where do I get a copy of this Faq?
(Answer) May I translate this Faq?
(Answer) May I host, maintain, or eradicate it?
(Answer) How can I help support the hosting of this FAQ?

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