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How do I document my System? (HW, SW...)
There are a number of ways to view and/or create a text file of your Uw7/Ou8/OSR6 hardware configuration, but there's no dmesg.
 There's sysinfo and hw.
1. In November 2000, Sco released TLS712, sysinfo. Sysinfo(1M) gives the most comprehensive way to list your entire UnixWare or OpenServer setup, in both text or html, and it includes these other commands, among others:

      A. The resmgr(1M) command outputs your hardware configuration (DCU)
                                    /sbin/resmgr > /tmp/hw

      B. The prtconf(1M) command prints system memory and peripheral
C. The sdiconfig(1M) command queries the storage device interface subsystem to determine which disk, tape and scsi controllers are present. To list the controllers and the attached devices, use the command: /sbin/sdiconfig -l
D. This is the location of the X tool. Which sticks an html file in /tmp



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