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Will UnixWare 2.1 or 7.0 run ibcs/OpenServer binaries?
The short answer is "yes".
UnixWare 2.1.x still has all of the iBCS compatibility support in it and will run OpenServer COFF binaries. You will, however, have to avoid using any of the newer OpenServer features in your program since the level of COFF support that exists in UnixWare 2.1.x is approximately equivalent to SCO ODT 3.0.

UnixWare 7 product has a much higher level of compatibility with OpenServer and should be able to run pretty much any OpenServer binary (either COFF or ELF), except ones which rely on some very specific knowledge of OpenServer (eg debuggers, file system repair utilities / defragmenters, or programs which interact directly with the C2 security features and libprot)

UnixWare 7 also comes with a development environment (the UDK) which enables you to build ELF binaries which will run on UnixWare 7 *and* on UnixWare 2.1.x *and* OpenServer 5.x (in the latter two cases this requires the installation of a set of comaptibility libraries on the target platform, but these are provided and are freely available).

For future development work you may find that the UDK is the best way to go since it gives you compatibility across all three platforms and access to the latest versions of the language tools (C, C++, Java) and debuggers etc.

Answer by Michael Davidson in comp.unix.sco.programmer.

Note that UnixWare 7.0.1 removed support for XENIX x.out binaries. These aren't ibcs or OpenServer binaries but are an older standard.
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