(Category) SCO comp.unix.sco.programmer FAQ.
This services tries to provide answers to the Frequently Asked Questions in news:comp.unix.sco.programmer.

Since it is based on traffic in that group, it has a definite slant toward the SCO (Caldera) UNIX/OpenDesktop/OpenServer product families. However coverage is given to the UnixWare 7(OpenUNIX 8)/OpenServer 6 and OpenServer Development Kit (UDK) as well.

It doesn't try to cover the same ground as the existing FAQs such as

  The comp.sco.misc FAQ
  The comp.unix.programmer FAQ  
  Csh Programming Considered Harmful
  Raw IP Networking FAQ
  The UnixWare 7/OpenUNIX 8/OpenServer 6 FAQ.
  SCO Community Open Source Software FAQ and Misc.
The UnixWare FAQ http://www.freebird.org/faq/ The UnixWare 1.x and 2.0 Programmer FAQ http://www.freebird.org/faq/developer.html Caldera Support Knowledge Base http://support.caldera.com/caldera
or many of the other great FAQs available at

It is strongly encouraged that the answers in here address SCO (Caldera) UNIX -specific issues.

It is run from the Faq-O-Matic accessable at
, which means you can create your own entries and amplify or correct and answers that are here.

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(Category) SCO Development Environments.
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(Category) Packaging for SCO OS's
(Category) Known bugs in SCO Programming Environments.
(Category) Third-party Languages and Development Tools for SCO Platforms
(Category) Misc for OpenServer 5.0.X/ Unixware 7.x.x / OpenUNIX 8.x.x/ OpenServer 6.0
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